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These strategies will help you launch them on the path to independence without risking your own financial security. Sam Comen Dan Kadlec dankadlec Sept. These strategies will help you launch your kids on the path to independence without risking your own financial security.

Steve and Darlene Goldstein could be on a crash course to a difficult reckoning. But Darlene recently retired as a substitute schoolteacher, and Steve, 68, a program manager for a national security technology company in Las Vegas, wants to join her.

To assist Abby with rent, utilities, and other living expenses, the Goldsteins have forgone home improvements, and Steve just pushed his retirement date out two more years. While he feels fortunate to be able to help, the financial drain is a real concern. He and Darlene know the outflow must stop.

The sticking point, says Steve: In what feels like a blink, an era of extended child dependency has taken root across the country. Psychologists have a name for it: Who cares what you call it, though? Most parents with one eye on retirement just want to know: Will we be paying for our kids forever?

Fortunately, the answer in most cases is no. Still, if you are wearying of the endless dry-cleaning, cellphone, and insurance bills that your adult children are sending your way and you want to accelerate their launch, you may have to offer tough love instead of hard cash.

For now, though, few parents seem willing to push back with any vigor. Two-thirds of people over 50 have financially supported a child 21 or older in the past five years, Bank of America Merrill Lynch found last year. Why are so many young adults failing to launch? The financial crisis and weak recovery, and the overhang of soaring student loans, explain a lot.

Only about half of adults ages 23 to 26 and at least one year out of college have a full-time job, according to a five-year longitudinal study from the University of Arizona.

As a result, there is no longer a stigma to living at home while you pay down your debts and explore your passions. To some, that may look like mooching.

Yet building savings while looking for the right career can improve the odds of kids remaining independent when they finally move out. In some ways this is as much a demographic story as it is a financial one. Little more than a century ago there was no such thing as adolescence.

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You were a child to 13, and then you went to work. As human life stretched out, we made room for the teen years, when kids could experiment and go to school longer.

Whatever the reasons, the fact is that these young adults are costing their parents a lot of money.

A suggest reasons why the memberships of

Most are willing to make big sacrifices to do so, if necessary. Meanwhile, the National Endowment for Financial Education found that more than a quarter of helping parents say they have taken on additional debt as a result see the graphic on page And many more parents may have to settle for a less comfortable retirement than they had planned.In the midst of holiday gift giving, I can’t help but think about the fact that often these well-intentioned gifts eventually lead to more stress, for the giver and the regardbouddhiste.com much so that over time my husband and I decided to give experiences instead of material gifts as much as we can.

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