An introduction to a modest proposal for holding fathers equally accountable

Jump to navigation Jump to search Okay, here's the talk page, where you can take a swing at any idea in the accountability policy page. But please remember that our major problems here, which are "How do we know this guy is who he says he is"? It happens every time you apply for a job, a credit card, a license to practice X profession.

An introduction to a modest proposal for holding fathers equally accountable

The election of Barack Obama amid the worst recession since the Great Depression gave us a feast of questions and examples that enliven classroom discussions. An angry Tea Party pledged to undo everything Obama tried to accomplish. The twelfth edition of Political Science: An Introduction tries to incorporate these waves.

We include such recent events to show that ideology is alive and well in U. The passage of healthcare reform ran into one of the profound instincts of U. Angry over the sluggish recovery, voters blamed the president personally and punished him at elections.

The good news for political science instructors is that the contentious atmosphere may get students interested in politics again.

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Bailouts, deficits, and the economic rise of authoritarian China provoke discussion. For some years, students have been rather apolitical, a trend this book has always tried to fight.

An Introduction blends scholarship and citizenship. It does not presume that freshmen taking an intro course will become professional political scientists. Naturally, we hope to pique their curiosity so that some will major in political science. This is neither a U.

Instead, it draws examples from the United States and from other lands to introduce the whole field of political science to new students. Fresh from high school, few students know much of other political systems, something we attempt to correct.

The twelfth edition continues our eclectic approach that avoids selling any single theory, conceptual framework, or paradigm as the key to political science. Above all, the twelfth edition still views politics as exciting and tries to communicate that feeling to young people approaching the discipline for the first time.

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They may be universal values, but building them is a long, hard undertaking. Chinese authoritarianism could look down—at least briefly—on the Western financial meltdown, which seemed to show the weaknesses of democracy.

It now leads our discussion of political culture in Chapter 7. This does not mean high-level numbers crunching—which I neither engage in nor advocate—but a reality-testing frame of mind that looks for empirical verifiability.

Where you can, of course, use valid numbers. Each of these boxes make one methodological point per chapter, covering thesis statements, references, quotations, tables, cross-tabulations, graphs, scattergrams, and other standard points, all at the introductory level.

Other boxes—Key Concepts, Comparing, and Classic Works—highlight important political science ideas, provide real world examples, and break up pages, making the text more reader friendly.

Each chapter begins with questions to consider and concludes with key terms and further references. The text also boldfaces important terms and defines them in running marginal glossaries throughout the chapters. As an instructor, I learned Preface not to presume students understood the key terms of political science.It Takes Two: A Modest Proposal for Holding Fathers Equally Accountable It takes two human beings to create and bring a new life into this world.

Katha Pollitt does a good job at expressing and arguing why it is not the responsibility of the mother to take care of and raise the child on her own; it requires two people to bring the baby into this world.

And there are ways of holding decision makers accountable in the meritocratic house besides the threat of being voted out of office, such as stiff penalties for corruption and term limits.

If the debates in the meritocratic house are public and transparent, that would also add an element of accountability.

Introduction by Our Editors. Whilst in his widely familiar work of fiction, Gulliver's Travels (), Jonathan Swift sends protagonist Lemuel Gulliver "into Several Remote Nations of the World," to find human folly, in his "modest proposal" of he suggests that the Irish people should eat their own children in order to improve economy.

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A Modest Proposal for Holding Fathers Equally.

An introduction to a modest proposal for holding fathers equally accountable

Start studying A Modest Proposal. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Pro-Life, Anti-Poverty and Mia makes a good point about holding fathers financially accountable for their offspring. I’ve held back on my modest proposal for how the state could imo.

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