As soon as i saw my result

A white British woman, a housewife, married, with 2 children.

As soon as i saw my result

Requesting Lab Tests Can I request my own laboratory tests? To facilitate your discussion, it might be helpful to bring your healthcare provider a printed copy of the brochure or page from our website where you learned about the test.

What types of tests does Quest Diagnostics perform? We are the world's leading provider of diagnostic testing, information, and services.

Our clinical laboratory testing services include: Visit our Diagnostics Testing A-Z page to see a list of frequently ordered lab tests and learn why and how laboratory tests are done, and what information your doctor can obtain from the results.

How do I locate a Quest Diagnostics location near me? Find a convenient location with our Patient Service Center Locator. The address, hours, phone number, directions map and services provided are listed for each location.

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Do I need to make an appointment in order to be tested at a Quest Diagnostics location? Appointments are not required. However, we are pleased to offer online appointment scheduling for individuals who like the ease of scheduling at a location, date and time that is convenient for them.

You can see which locations offer appointments by accessing our online scheduler. You also have the option of downloading our appointment scheduling app to your Smartphone.

If you choose not to make an appointment, know that our locations are busiest in the early morning when patients who are required to fast for testing often choose to arrive. Your wait will usually be shorter after 10AM. You may wish to consider arriving after that time.

We recommend you bring a completed test requisition or order form from your healthcare provider and a copy of your medical insurance card in order to expedite your visit.

Where can I find the hours of operation for your patient testing locations? Find the location you are interested in visiting to see the days and hours the location is open, maps and driving directions. Do I need to fast before being tested at a Quest Diagnostics location?

Some blood tests do require fasting prior to having your blood drawn. Lab Test Results How long does it take to receive test results?

Depending on the test performed, most tests are completed and reported to your ordering healthcare provider within about 24 hours of receiving the sample for testing. Certain tests take several days to weeks.

Results are sent directly to the ordering healthcare professional.

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Please ask your healthcare provider to contact you when your test results have been received. Can I receive a copy of my test results? There are several ways to access your lab test results: You can receive your test results directly from us on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Once you've created a MyQuest account, before you can begin to see results, you must verify your identity.

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Once we receive your completed form, you will receive your test result within approximately 30 days. OR You can receive your results online if: Find out how to Get Started.Search Results.

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As soon as i saw my result

Then as soon as I seen the second line the first disappeared. I took two more of the first response with the same thing happening. I then went to the dollar tree and bought about 6 of the $1 tests.

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Could this mean that I could see the evaporation line as soon as I took the test or could this just be a positive result?!!

Pregnancy Test Faint Lines and Evaporation Lines | Ovulation Calculator | Page 6