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Content rewrite asahi

Plot[ edit ] This section may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia's quality standardsas The entire plot summary needs to be rewritten to follow the same time line that the series revealed it.

The discussion page may contain suggestions. May In the distant past, the Guardian of the Milky Way galaxy named Lanancuras began to harbor a desire for more power. Because of his connection to the galaxy, he was able to absorb parts of planets and add them to his strength.

As a result, he began invading the worlds he was assigned to protect. In the wake of his destruction, a following of creatures from across the galaxy pledged allegiance to Lanancuras and became known as the Kadrians.

Taking notice of his ever-growing power and followers, the other Celestial Guardians confronted him; however, he had become too powerful, and they were defeated. Unable to subdue Lanancuras, the Celestial Guardians each gave up a part of their power and combined it into a single new Guardian, Mushra.

In a final desperate content rewrite asahi, they used Mushra's core by transforming it into a powerful card with which to seal Lanancuras in a prison. The prison was created from the remains of planets that had suffered under Lanancuras' tyranny. Because planets are themselves large beings, their combined strength- along with the power of the card- was able to restrain him.

Thus Lanancuras was successfully sealed in a large meteorite. The meteorite was sent off into the galaxy to be sealed forever. Meanwhile, the way Lanancuras had increased his strength had consequences on the planets of the Milky Way. On Earth, it was in the shape of a virus that merged with human DNA and destroyed the humans that way.

In order to eliminate the virus, scientists worked on combining human DNA with the DNA of animals and other creatures immune to the effects.

They succeeded and created a sentient race known as Enterrans a race of engineered Earthlings where the Enterrans are based on humans, insects, reptiles, birds, sea creatures, wild beasts, and phantom beasts. Eventually, a cure was found and the human race survived.

This all took place around the 22nd century. Thanks to Lanancuras' influence, the Enterrans fought the robots and the humans where the humans were placed in a near extinction state. Luckily, a scientist named Dr. Daigo Tatsuro placed his 4-year-old daughter Yakumo in a sleep chamber in hopes that she would save the human race and find the human sanctuary Shinzo and bring peace back to Earth which was then renamed to Enterra.

When the meteor that Lanancuras was imprisoned in struck Earth during the earlier parts of the Human-Enterran War, it's fragment had struck an infant Yakumo giving her abilities that should later discover.

First Season Episodes [ edit ] Upon waking up years later at the age of 17, Yakumo Tatsuro stumbled upon her soon to be companion Mushra while he is strung above a waterfall for impersonating a king.

After Yakumo rescues Mushra, they soon run into their other companions Sago and Kutal. Throughout the first season the main characters fight a collection of Enterrans known as the Seven Enterran Generals, and various independent Enterrans where these Enterrans were either minions of the Seven Enterran Generals or bounty hunters.

Each of these Generals rules a region that the gang travels through, which have different types of Enterrans, such as King Daku's land having a majority insect based Enterrans. The defeated Enterrans become En-Cards, which are card-like structures that can be used to increase power in both Enterrans and several machines such as Yakumo's vehicle Hakuba.Jan 07,  · This feature is not available right now.

content rewrite asahi

Please try again later. Script to External File (Updated 4-Mar) Here is my script for linking to a file outside in the CHM folder.

This script dynamically creates the HH Shortcut code with . Jul 30,  · Rewrite Episode 5 LIVE Reaction: Rewrite episode 5 really packed a punch for this series to be honest!

Never expected Lucia . FBI Homepage with links to news, services, stories and information of interest to the public.

content rewrite asahi

I also assumed we’d go up to the parfait scene. I’d love something original next week though, especially if it concerns Kagari.

Rewrite - Ep. 5 - Asahi Haruka One day, a letter regarding "Asahi Haruka" arrives at the Occult Research Club, and . Section The application This section prescribes the manner of making an application, its form and content, the requirements which must be fulfilled by the contents, and provides for. FBI Homepage with links to news, services, stories and information of interest to the public.

The irony is of course that, in any other context, I’d be one of the first to start bitching about anime-original content. Originally a manga by Shotaro Ishinomori, Cyborg has been adapted into four movies, as well as three anime series in , , and A few years ago, the Black Ghost organization kidnapped nine ordinary humans and performed experiments on them, turning them into superpowered cyborgs.

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