Dick clarks american bandstand

Background[ edit ] Dick Clark talks to Myrna Horowitz, one of the original dancers when the program began inon the show's 17th anniversary in Hosted by Bob Horn as a television adjunct to his radio show of the same name on WFIL radio, Bandstand mainly featured short musical films produced by Snader Telescriptions and Official Filmswith occasional studio guests.

Dick clarks american bandstand

Davis High School later renamed A. Davis Middle School in Mount Vernon, where he was an average student. Almost immediately, he was asked to fill in for the vacationing weatherman, and within a few months he was announcing station breaks. Clark was responsible for a similar program on the company's radio station, and served as a regular substitute host when Horn went on vacation.

According to Hollywood producer Michael Uslan"he was able to use his unparalleled communication skills to present rock 'n roll in a way that was palatable to parents.

Clark moved the show from Philadelphia to Los Angeles in The show ran daily Monday through Friday untilthen weekly on Saturdays until Bandstand was briefly revived inwith Clark again serving as host.

By the time of its cancellation, the show had become longest-running variety show in TV history. During this period, many of the leading rock groups of the s had their first exposure to nationwide audiences.

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The music establishment, and the adults in general, really hated rock and roll. Politicians, ministers, older songwriters and musicians foamed at the mouth. Frank Sinatra reportedly called Elvis Presley a "rancid-smelling aphrodisiac. I was roundly criticized for being in and around rock and roll music at its inception.

It was the devil's music, it would make your teeth fall out and your hair turn blue, whatever the hell.

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You get through that. The man was big. He was the biggest thing in America at that time. He was bigger than the president! Clark, however, simplified his contribution: I played records, the kids danced, and America watched.

In time, blacks and whites performed on the same stage, and studio seating was desegregated. And the impact of the show on people was enormous.

My talent is bringing out the best in other talent, organizing people to showcase them and being able to survive the ordeal. I hope someday that somebody will say that in the beginning stages of the birth of the music of the fifties, though I didn't contribute in terms of creativity, I helped keep it alive.

Dick clarks american bandstand

As a result, Clark's personal investments in music publishing and recording companies were considered a conflict of interest, and he sold his shares in those companies. It hit a responsive chord with the electorate, the older people. It could've been nipped in the bud, because they could've stopped it from being on television and radio.American Bandstand is an iconic audio-visual time capsule encompassing four decades worth of dances, performances, fashions and fads in popular music.

The show, hosted by Dick Clark from to , introduced new musical acts to generations of Americans. Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater closed in Information below is for historical reference. Some of you may remember the Boyd’s Bears Country at the south end of Pigeon Forge or may have seen the building (it was the enormous red barn at the end of town closest to Gatlinburg just past the Log Cabin Pancake House).

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