Econometrics research paper

I have no investment training or finance training and all of my calculations are back of the envelope calculations put together from what information I can gather online. In addition, given that investment planning usually spans decades, massive uncertainties exist in tax schemes and expected rate of returns.

Econometrics research paper

Description and Due Dates This research paper will apply the econometric modeling and statistical techniques learned in class to data relating to a topic of your choice. I will expect this paper will be your best work—of professional quality.

Throughout the term we will be discussing proper writing techniques as well as proper documentation of references. Our class website will provide links to various data sources as well as writing aids. You will be working on this paper for the entire term so choose a topic of interest to you!

Listed below are interim due dates for pieces of the research. All components of this project must be turned in on time or you will not receive credit. Please include possible sources for the data that you will collect. You should also include a synopsis of the article and how the information may be incorporated into your paper i.

These sources should be journal articles. You will not find econometric studies sufficient for this paper on the web, however some journals do have articles on the web.

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Be careful if you use these articles, the tables are not usually included. Using your annotated bibliography, comment on the previous research that has examined this problem.

List the source s of data that you will be analyzing in your paper. Include a description of your dependent and independent variables as well as a discussion of the expected sign for each of your variables. Included in this discussion should be what previous research has shown concerning your variable.

Also, indicate the data sources for each of the variables. Furthermore, you should also discuss any possible econometric problems with your data. Then, using this data, provide descriptive statistics for the variables in your model using both Excel and Stata.

Nyu economics research papers

Included in this should be a table that provides the variables, their definition, mean and standard deviation. I will be grading these papers as if they were the final draft. The more work you put into this draft of the paper, the better your grade will be on the final draft as I will be able to provide more comments and suggestions.

You will need to turn in your rough draft with your final version of the paper.Economists are regularly confronted with results of quantitative economics research. Econometrics: Theory and Applications with EViews provides a broad introduction to quantitative economic methods, for example how models arise, their underlying assumptions and how estimates of parameters or other economic quantities are computed.

A one-page research proposal outlining your research question, the model you plan to estimate, and the data sample you plan to use should be submitted by Friday, Nov.

6, and the final draft of the paper is due on Friday, Dec.

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4. The paper will represent 20% of your course grade. A: Aarhus School of Business Working Papers Department of Economics 55 papers, 0 with downloads Aarhus University CREATES Research Papers Department of Economics and Business Economics papers, with downloads Economics Working Papers Department of Economics and Business Economics papers, with downloads.


Econometrics research paper

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What do Self-Reports of Wellbeing Say about Life-Cycle Theory and Policy? Angus Deaton. NBER Working Paper No. Issued in March NBER Program(s):Aging, Health Economics, Public Economics I respond to Atkinson's plea to revive welfare economics, and to considering alternative ethical frameworks when making policy recommendations.

Sample Paper in Econometrics