Entrepreneur research paper

First, we shall review the various definitions applied to entrepreneurship, concluding with a fundamental definition of the term.

Entrepreneur research paper

Video check out services It based business centre It must be noted that all these services are offered at different Jurys Inn establishments depending on the needs of the customers. The rooms have been modernized to include high speed internet access as a value added service in line with five star industry standards.

The management has also implemented flexible check in and checkout policies that are convenient and which accommodate the needs of both tourists and travelers.

The managers at the hotel chain have instituted these innovations through the use of customer surveys and research that indicates the reasons why customers select to stay at Jurys Inn. This enables the management to come up with a service design for Entrepreneur research paper establishments where they note unique customer trends and behavior.

Studies show that organizations that are successful must be fully aware of the preferences of their customers and consequently develop their services according to the targets of the market.

Due to its long history in the sector the management has had used the experience to add only those innovations that reflect on the bottom line. Research has shown that service Entrepreneur research paper is an essential component of market differentiation and can be a distinct competitive advantage in the hospitality industry Schall, The company has implemented business centers in some of the Inns within London to cater for the small scale business traveler.

The management has innovatively used training to ensure that the staff is an additional value to the services of the hotel. The staff is taught crucial interpersonal skills that cater to the needs of the customers. The management has instituted a Jurys reward system that benefits frequent travelers who stay at the Inns.

This is meant to reward loyal customers and to build lasting relationships with them. They earn points depending on the number of visits to the hotel and they can exchange this points for free nights or high street vouchers that can be used in high end shops and restaurants within London.

The role of entrepreneurship in the Development of Jurys Doyle Hotel Group The hotel industry has been characterized by intense competition after the Second World War and the stabilization of the global economy.

Entrepreneur research paper

Changing customer preferences and the rapid advances in technology have seen hospitality organizations apply entrepreneurial concepts to develop their establishments and remain competitive in the long term. The issue of success by the Jurys hotel chain group is tied to service innovation where the hotel chain used new ideas and concepts to target a niche market.

The founder of the hotels saw an opportunity to serve business travelers by giving them affordable services in a comfortable, convenient and safe environment. This ensured that the hotel chain created a niche for itself within the market in Ireland. William Jury was an entrepreneur who conceived an idea and worked towards its implementation.

The founder of the hotel chain had an entrepreneurial self employment mind set which helped develop the small bed and breakfast at Dublin green college to a reputable budget hotel.

The Jurys hotel faced collapse during the Second World War when the British army had taken over the premises. A group of Irish entrepreneurs then saw the potential of the Inns and invested in the business once more, because they identified the opportunities provided by the low cost traveler.

This entrepreneurial spirit was the catalyst that led to the development and success of the hotel chain since its inception. The concept of entrepreneurial leadership provided by management has led to the high level of service innovation seen in the hotel chain.

The leadership of the hotel chain noted earlier on that the differences between low budget hotels and their more high end counterparts was becoming narrower as the big players employed competitive strategies that lowered prices significantly.You will write an extensive research paper on an entrepreneurship failure.

As you may be aware, 80% of all small businesses fail within the first five years (50% in the first year). As a global economic driver, entrepreneurship adds real value through the creation of new jobs and the production of innovative products and services.

In short, entrepreneurship promotes the. Research Papers words | ( pages) | Preview The Advantages of Web-Based Businesses for Entrepreneurs - Starting and maintaining a successful business is the dream of all entrepreneurs.

Advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Home of Entrepreneur magazine. Read Articles about Entrepreneurship- HBS Working Knowledge: The latest business management research and ideas from HBS faculty. Sample Research Paper on Entrepreneurs Abstract The paper is a case study analysis of Jurys Inn Hotel and Ryanair Ltd.

The research offers a business overview The analysis examines the management philosophy of innovation and the reasons why the companies have become so successful.

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