Explain how the delivery of healthcare services can benefit from automation

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Explain how the delivery of healthcare services can benefit from automation

Explain how the delivery of healthcare services can benefit from automation

Continuing advancements in automation have led to — in most cases — increased productivity, efficiency, reliability and confidence in molecular testing.

What once was done manually can now be performed by automation, producing results in a fraction of the time. It has become a game changer in the modern day molecular lab for ease-of-use and state-of-the-art functionality.

Automation can be a huge advantage for lab directors, but it must be used carefully and monitored appropriately.

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What are the Benefits of Automation? Automation can help us report more accurate results, more quickly. Rapid automation makes it possible to obtain test results the same day. This is extremely beneficial in many situations, such as HIV, where a molecular test can be performed to measure the HIV viral load in newly diagnosed, hospitalized patients.

Fast automation results have also played a critical role in helping to stop the transmission of HIV to infants during delivery. We can also counsel the mother whether to breastfeed or not.

This has been cut drastically. Very few babies are born these days with HIV thanks to this rapid testing and the drugs given during delivery.

The use of automation has also made it possible to use a small specimen and still get accurate results. Our automated HIV platform offers different protocols depending on the amount of blood available.

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We can still get a reliable result with a short specimen. This is a huge advantage. But there are other factors — we still wanted to reduce transcription errors and be more precise. More reliable results Automation lends itself to reliability in a couple of ways. The technology advancements have lead to the improvement of computer systems that provide labs with the ability to interpret, store and manipulate data.

System interfaces allow the information from the instrument to go directly to the hospital laboratory information system LIS. This has eliminated transcription errors and the time involved in writing down, entering and checking results. Second, with less hands-on time per run, labs are seeing less human error, and as a result, consistent and reproducible results.

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Rapid, reliable results lead to better patient care. Instrumentation can fail, or mechanical issues can cause a failed run. Is it mechanically reliable? How is the service from the manufacturer?

Explain how the delivery of healthcare services can benefit from automation

Ask your manufacturer representative for a clinical evaluation that shows the percentage of failed runs. Molecular analyzers are increasingly becoming easier to learn and easier to use, so training time is reduced.

Automation also reduces hands-on tech time and increases your personnel options in the lab by freeing up techs to do something else. Extracting nucleic acid is very laborious, very manual, and less precise when performed by hand.

Now, specimen extraction can be automated. It is very tedious work, and they had to be very good with their hands."Explain How The Delivery Of Healthcare Services Can Benefit From Automation" Essays and Research Papers Introduction In this paper I will explain and discuss the healthcare delivery system and the financial aspects of it.

This paper. Christer Johnson leads EY’s Analytics Advisory services for the Healthcare Sector in the Americas. Christer brings 24 years of experience leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning, and big data techniques to help his clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business decisions and processes across many industries such as government, transportation, consumer packaged goods.

Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Systems: A Conceptual Framework Without full and secure access to patient records, healthcare services providers would give up the vital insight provided by the patients’ health history.

The healthcare industry sits on Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Systems: A Conceptual Framework. Prior to automation, those medications would have sat on shelves in departments that didn't use them. The automated system can tell how much of a drug is used every day, every week, and figure out how much is needed so that a department doesn't run out, but doesn't have excess either.

monitor the quality of health services provided in the public and private sectors. Many health care providers argue that such regulation adds to their costs, and high-profile problems can create additional tensions that impede collaboration between the state public health agency and the health care delivery .

The analysis and business insights in this report can help leaders put these changes in context and consider the effects they will have on their companies, their industries and the global economy.

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