Formation of the national assembly

Upon Maximilien Robespierre 's motionit had decreed that none of its members would be eligible to the next legislature. Its successor body, the Legislative Assembly, operating over the liberal French Constitution oflasted until 20 September when the National Convention was established after the insurrection of 10 August just the month before. The Legislative Assembly entrenched the perceived left—right political spectrum that is still commonly used today. There were members.

Formation of the national assembly

Relationships with the executive[ edit ] Jacques Chaban-Delmas was three times President of the Assembly between and The Constitution of the French Fifth Republic greatly increased the power of the executive at the expense of Parliament, compared to previous constitutions Third and Fourth Republics.

This is meant as a way to resolve stalemates where the Assembly cannot decide on a clear political direction. This possibility is seldom exercised.

Formation of the national assembly

The National Assembly can overthrow the executive government that is, the Prime Minister and other ministers by a motion of no confidence motion de censure. For this reason, the prime minister and his cabinet are necessarily from the dominant party or coalition in the assembly.

In the case of a president and assembly from opposing parties, this leads to the situation known as cohabitation ; this situation, which has occurred three times twice under Mitterrand, once under Chiracis likely to be rarer now that presidential and assembly terms are the same length.

While motions de censure are periodically proposed by the opposition following government actions that it deems highly inappropriate, they are purely rhetorical; party discipline ensures that, throughout a parliamentary term, the government is never overthrown by the Assembly.

In practice, given the number of priority items, it meant that the schedule of the Assembly was almost entirely set by the executive; bills generally only have a chance to be examined if proposed or supported by the executive. This, however, was amended on 23 July Under the amended constitution, the Government sets the priorities for two weeks in a month.

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And the fourth one is set by the Assembly. Also, one day per month is set by a "minority" group supporting the government but which is not the biggest group or "opposition" group having officially declared it did not support the government group.

Members of the assembly can ask written or oral questions to ministers. The Wednesday afternoon 3 p. The constituencies each have approximatelyinhabitants.

As a result of population movements over that period, there were inequalities between the less populous rural districts and the urban districts. If no candidate is elected in the first round, those who poll in excess of If no candidate comply such conditions, the two highest-placing candidates advance to second round.

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In the second round, the candidate who receives the most votes is elected. However, the legislative election ofcarried out under this system, gave France a new majority which returned the National Assembly to the plurality voting system described above.

Of the elected deputies, represent Metropolitan France27 represent the overseas departments and overseas collectivitiesand 11 represent French residents overseas.

They also have an office in the Assembly, various perquisites in terms of transport and communications, social securitya pension fundand unemployment insurance.

The Legislative Assembly (French: Assemblée législative) was the legislature of France from 1 October to 20 September during the years of the French provided the focus of political debate and revolutionary law-making between the periods of the National Constituent Assembly and of the National Convention. National Assembly (French Revolution) 3 Reconstitution Messages of support poured into the Assembly from Paris and other French cities. On July 9, , the Assembly. The National Assembly for Wales (Welsh: Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru; commonly known as the Welsh Assembly) is a devolved parliament with power to make legislation and vary taxes in Assembly comprises 60 members, who are known as Assembly Members, or AMs (Aelodau y Cynulliad).Since , Members are elected for five-year terms under an additional members system, .

Under Article 26 of the Constitution, deputies, like Senators, are protected by parliamentary immunity. Accumulation of mandates and minimum age[ edit ] See also: Cumul des mandats The position of member of the National Assembly is incompatible with that of any other elected member Senator or, sinceMember of European Parliamentor with some administrative functions members of the Constitutional Council of France and senior officials such as prefects, magistrates or officers who are ineligible for Department where they are stationed.

Members may not have more than one local mandate in a municipal, intercommunal, general or regional council in addition to their current mandate. Since the general election, deputies cannot hold an executive position in any local government municipality, department, region.

However, they can hold a part-time councillor mandate. Sincethe mandate is also incompatible with a ministerial function. Upon appointment to the Government, the elected member has one month to choose between the mandate and the office.

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If he or she chooses the second option, then they are replaced by their substitute. One month after the end of his cabinet position, the deputy return to his seat in the Assembly.Get the latest news and updates on State Assembly elections including live updates on voting, candidate profiles, political parties, polling, results.

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