Four basic models of the bgs

It contributes advice and expert assessments to public authorities. BRGM research and development programmes support innovation and work in the following areas: With a staff of employees, BRGM is present in all the Regions of France through its network of Regional Geological Surveys and has been active for many years in more than 40 countries throughout the world. BRGM has been leading since the Joule project the Work Packages or tasks on geochemistry or geochemical and coupled modelling and is then acknowledged in Europe as an expert on the geochemical aspects of CO2 storage.

Four basic models of the bgs

Four basic models of the bgs

Community radio outlets may carry news and information programming geared toward the local area particularly immigrant or minority groups who are poorly served by major media outlets. Specialized musical shows are also often a feature of many community radio stations.

Community and pirate stations in areas where they are tolerated can be valuable assets for a region.

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Community radio stations typically avoid content found on commercial outlets such as Top 40 music, sports and "drive-time" personalities. A meme used by members of the movement is that community radio should be 10 percent radio and 90 percent community.

This means that community radio stations should focus on getting the community talking and not solely on radio which is a technological process ; the social concerns of community radio are stressed over radio per se. There is also a distinction drawn in contrast to mainstream stations, which are viewed as pandering to commercial concerns or the personalities of presenters.

Conceptions of community in the literature[ edit ] Communities are complex entities, and what constitutes the "community" in community radio is subject to debate which varies by country. In sociologya "community" has been defined as a group of interacting people living in a common location.

Stations have been run by locals, typically to serve a local audience. One emphasizes service and community-mindedness, focusing on what the station can do for the community. The other stresses involvement and participation by the listener.

Within the United States, for example, many stations syndicate content from groups such as Pacifica Radio such as Democracy Now! In the access or participatory model, the participation of community members in producing content is viewed as a good in itself.

While this model does not necessarily exclude a service approach, there is some disagreement between the two. In Januarythere were licensed community radio stations including remote indigenous services. Community broadcasting is sustained by the principles of access and participation, volunteerism, diversity, independence and locality.

The remaining stations provide a service which may be described as generalist: The sector is unique in its capacity to provide fresh programming by and for indigenous, ethnic and RPH communities.

Community broadcasting stations have a strong commitment to local news and information, the promotion of local and national music, arts and culture and providing training in media skills.

Licensees are selected by the regulator on the basis of suitability and on the merits of the licence application and the capacity to serve identified community interests. Upon grant of a five-year renewable licence each station is required to continue to serve the community interest for which the licence was granted.

The Broadcast Services Act establishes the requirement to continue to represent the licensed community of interest and the requirement to encourage participation from the licensed community of interest in the provision and selection of programs as key conditions of the licence.

Provisions for Temporary Community Radio Liceneces in the Act allow, where spectrum is available, for aspirant community groups to develop their facilities and financial and programming models before the regulator considers making a permanent licence available.

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Alliance of Community Radio Austria In Austriacommunity radio was introduced in through a pirate radio movement. Regular licensed broadcasts began in Commercials are not permitted, so stations are primarily operated as non-profit NGOs.

There are 14 community radio stations operating in the country. BNNRC has been promoting advocacy to the government in relation to community radio with other organizations since its emergence in At the moment, positive and supportive condition is prevailing in our country.

Bangladesh is the 2nd country in South Asia in formulating policy for Community Radio. Now 14 community radio stations are on-air in the country, aiming to ensure empowerment and right to information for the rural community. They are broadcasting altogether hours program per day on information, education, local entertainment and development motivation activities.

The prime role of community radio is giving a voice to people who do not have access to mainstream media to express their views on community development. Promoting the right to communicate, expediting the process of informing the community, assisting the free flow of information and acting as a catalyst of change are major tasks achievable by community radio.CO2GeoNet.

is the European scientific authority dealing with all aspects of geological storage of CO2, durably engaged in enabling the safe and efficient deployment of the CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) technology in order to .

Explain the Four basic models of the BGS relationship Introduction: Business, government and society are fundamental in this world. Business satisfies human’s needs by providing them products and services in exchange for profit.

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Government is a structure and process in society that with authority makes and applies policies and rules. Chapter 1 The Study of Business, Government, and Society This chapter provides an overview of the business-governmentsociety field of study by: Defining basic terms Discussing the field’s importance to managers Introducing the four basic models of the businessgovernment-society relationship Explaining the authors’ approach to the subject matter.

The British Geological Survey. The British Geological Survey was established in and is the United Kingdom’s national geological survey and one of the world’s major centres of geoscientific knowledge, expertise and is the UK's premier provider of objective and authoritative geoscientific data, information and knowledge .

4) BGS relationships evolve as changes take place in the ideas, institutions, and processes of society. Stakeholder An entity that is benefitted or burdened by the actions of a corporation or whose actions may benefit or burden the corporation.

The Natural Hazards Partnership: A public-sector collaboration across the UK for natural hazard disaster risk reduction.

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