Glad monster sad monster writing activities

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Glad monster sad monster writing activities

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Thinking I drive myself crazy One of the qualities of the Cento that makes this a must do warm up or writing experiment is the opportunity it provides for students to revisit writing, to look at it with new eyes, to experience how they can manipulate it, and to realize that writing begets other writing.

Students must think strategically for Centos to work. Plus, it privileges surprises through juxtaposition — a move that energizes writing. D Definitions — partners, small groups, large groups The challenge is to collaboratively write definitions for common words.

Begin by showing students a few definitions from a dictionary: Then, ask the students to suggest a few common words that would be interesting to define e. Partner the students up or organize them in small or large groups and have them each get out a piece of paper.

Have them choose a word from the list or one they have in their head and put it at the top of the paper. Next, have them collaboratively build definitions for the chosen words in a three or four word trade off.

Coach the students to use the moves that are commonly made in dictionary definitions, but surprise us with new and surprising definitions, uses, synonyms, and antonyms for the words e. Dice — partners, small groups, large groups Throw a dice and write as many words as show on the dice for that line.

A compendium of film reviews and a field guide to North American birds, or Great Expectations and a computer users guide. Choose one of your students who is a good reader or have a parent, student teacher, or colleague be your partner.

Have your students get out a piece of paper and a pencil. Then, challenge them to write down exactly what they hear as you read the two texts aloud at the same time.

When the students are ready, have your partner and you read the two texts aloud simultaneously so that the words from the two texts blend in the air. Read slowly, clearly, with emotion. As you read together, you will begin to hear when to emphasize and when not.

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Have fun with this. Meanwhile, your students will be channeling what they hear down on the paper. At first, they might try to only get down what they hear from one text, but that will soon fall apart, and instead, they will start to let the blur of language flow on the page.

That is what you are aiming for. Read aloud for five minutes or so. Then, have the students read what they wrote to themselves. Suggest that they can add punctuation to help with flow.

Next, have them read the piece to someone else so that they can hear the real possibility in the writing. What should happen is this otherworldly, often times quite funny, mash-up of the two texts. Like many of the experiments on this list, the more you do this, the better you get at it.

While on the surface it seems like a pretty simple experiment, the work that is happening is quite deep and sophisticated. It is not easy for students to open up and allow a cacophony of language to spill out on the page.

Here is a cool example. This particular piece was written by a 10th grader. The Dying Surviving Talking Head The peas in the 18th century was construed by dollops of language, nasal liquids, large frittatas connected inside, drenched in abstract tactile experiences.

Tone muscle movement stage deadpan techniques.Who Do You See? Bulletin Board: This is a board I have used each year. After I take it down, I make a book for the class to read during the year.

glad monster sad monster writing activities

End of year I send each child's home with them. These paper bag monsters can be used for many home school learning activities: 1. Feed the Monster Game. Give each child a paper bag monster. Take turns having the children spell or read a word.

Patrick Ness is the author of A Monster Calls, More Than This, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, and the critically acclaimed and best-selling Chaos Walking has twice been awarded the prestigious Carnegie Medal and has received numerous other awards, including a Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, a Book Trust Teenage Prize, and a Costa Children’s Book Award.

glad monster sad monster writing activities

Jul 02,  · Preschool Feelings Theme Writing Activities My Feelings Book Materials: Pencils, crayons, several sheets of white construction paper fold hamburger style forming a book. Printed on the cover page the following sentence: My Feelings Book Glad Monster Sad Monster by Ed Emberley ;Author: Lanie's Little Learners.

Go Away, Big Green Monster ~ Ed Emberley. Glad Monster, Sad Monster: A Book About Feelings ~ Ed Emberley. The Meanies ~ The Wright Group. Activities to go along with a bunch of books.

// Books and Activities For Kids Find this Pin and more on book - glad monster sad monster by Courtney Matz. Ever growing list of great children's books with activities.

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