How to write alternative metal riffs for beginners

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How to write alternative metal riffs for beginners

We have to do something to pass the time in between our solos, right? So grab your guitar, check out these ideas and get ready to create some killer rhythm riffs of your own!

Feel free to use these ideas as springboards for your own songs. When you listen to songs by popular rock, pop and metal bands have you ever felt like all of the chords seem to fit together well? So when you hear a song that sounds good the writer may have a good knowledge of music theory which he used to help him to choose the chords in his or her song.

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A few centuries ago some intervals commonly used today would have caused you to be burned at the stake! For those of you unfamiliar with this tuning, it is similar to normal tuning, except that the low E-string 6th string — the fattest one is tuned to D one whole step down.

If you have a common chromatic electronic tuner, you can accomplish this pretty easily. So are you tuned up and ready to go? One of the coolest things about Dropped-D tuning is that it allows you to play power chords aka 5th chords on the low E and A strings by barring one finger.


This allows you easily change chords and slide between them. Also, if you strum your open unfretted 6th and 5th strings together you get a nice thick, powerful-sounding D power chord! By using these chords together you can easily create your own great-sounding riffs and songs.

Figure One demonstrates our first chord scale pattern — the D Blues Scale on the 6h string. You can get a free Guitar Pro Tab of this lesson, along with audio clips, a drum track to practice with and more free high quality guitar lessons like this one at: Again — the results sound awesome!

Figure Three demonstrates a power chord scale based on the notes of the D natural minor Scale on the 6th string. D Natural minor Scale on low E-string Figure 4 is the same power chord scale as above, just moved over to the 5th string.

D Natural minor Scale on A-string In the next example I play a different three-note riff — two fretted notes followed by a palm muted open D power chord.

Note how the open chord occurs at different places from one measure to the next. In Example Four I applied the sequence from the prior example to the Blues Scale and ended up with a riff that sounds similar to the riff from a popular Velvet Revolver song.

Example Five combines single notes and power chords using the notes from both the D Natural minor and Blues Scales. Free high quality guitar lessons like this one available at: Grab your guitar and try using the patterns and concepts in this lesson to create your own cool-sounding riffs.

I am confident you will come up with some great ideas!

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Until next time — take care and have fun!The nut is at the top of a guitar and is usually made of plastic, metal, or even bone. The other horizontal lines represent the first four guitar frets. Frets are those horizontal lines that go down the neck of .

how to write alternative metal riffs for beginners

For beginners and advanced. If you are an absolute beginner you can to learn easily to play electric guitar with these famous great rock metal songs.

Here you find the intros and the main riffs of lots of famous songs with accurate tab and my video lessons. Donald Maass, Nancy Kress, Natalie Goldberg, Jerry B.

Jenkins and more chime in on whether you should follow writing rules like "Write What You Know.".

Experienced players love these riffs too

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