Newspaper articles for stem cell research

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Newspaper articles for stem cell research

Shortly before he achieved total remission, Sid met a friend of mine, Elaine Morgan, who assisted him with the final curative steps— since she herself had been cured of the disease only 2 years earlier.

After he felt completely cured, Sid was interviewed by both the Virginia Sun newspaper a copy of this interview appears in the circulating Scleroderma file and Barry Farber.


The response was phenomenal! Newspaper articles for stem cell research never realized that so many people suffered with this disease, a disease for which there is no known cure recognized by the traditional medical world. As a result of these numerous responses, Sid formed a Scleroderma information center in New York City.

Newspaper articles for stem cell research

I worked with this information center during the early years as an astrological consultant. My service was for astrological research, to provide supportive data and make suggestions for the presiding medical doctor. Here, I would like to share 2 case studies. The first case is that of a 7-year old boy which was the most complex case that we encountered.

The child had open-heart surgery when he was 3 years old. There were kidney problems that the doctors could not alleviate. There was a blood disorder. And, lastly, this boy had vitiligo, no skin pigmentation.

In relation to the kidney problem, I knew that Venus in Libra opposing Saturn produced renal retention, often due to the thickening and hardening of the long tubules of the kidneys.

This, in turn, caused a block and inadequate procolation. Since the filtering systems kidneys and skin, both ruled by Venus were not functioning properly, there were leaving behind what they should have taken out! A transiting Uranus at that time indicated spasms, incoordination and reflex influences from other organs nerve systems.

Consequently, while there was retention, Uranus made him constantly feel that he had to urinate, although he had little urine. I strongly suspected that Saturn also blocked the assimilation of some vital nutrient.

Newspaper articles for stem cell research

Copper is ruled by Venus. I searched through stacks of medical books for some link but I found nothing. As a last resort, I perused Rodale medical encyclopedias from the s. Venus also rules the thymus gland that assimilates iron to form hemoglobin in the blood.

Iron can only be utilized in conjunction with copper!

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Since the Venus-Saturn opposition clearly shows a copper deficiency, the iron could not be used to form hemoglobin. The next aspect came closer to describing the actual ailment of Scleroderma, Saturn inconjunct Neptune, forming a Yod configuration.

This aspect produces subtle degeneration of cell life as found in tuberculosis or pre-TB states. This aspect pattern can produce thyroid irregularity that leads to poor circulation.

Cayce stated in his readings that poor circulation was always a problem and that Scleroderma was very similar to tuberculosis because the same bacteria bacillus were involved. According to Cayce, both scleroderma and tuberculosis require both the use of Atomidine for the thyroid and glandular system and inhaling proof apple bandy fumes from a charred oak keg.

It is the fumes from this inhalant that destroy the bacteria. In the second case study, I collected the birth data but I wrote no diagnosis. Sid told me that it was useless since the scleroderma had spread to the kidneys and other vital organs.Find Articles by Database Topic or Database Name.

Morrisville State College subscribes to a wide variety of databases, some focused on special topics and others with material from many different fields of study.


Adam Gainsburg Says: Jul 11, PM. Lynn, This information was strongly helpful for me in my work with one of my clients with scleroderma. She has a 5deg orb Saturn/Neptune quincunx, a loose Sun/Moon conjunction in Pisces and Saturn on the DC.

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