Nursing care management midterm examination

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Nursing care management midterm examination

Examples Mobility Physical abilities sufficient to move independently from room to room, walk in hallways, maneuver in small places such as patient rooms, medication rooms.

Walking independently with patients from department to department, around the patient room, down the corridor, from one patient room to another to take care of all patients on a team and to assist in the transport of all patients from bed to bed, bed to chair.

Walking, standing, sitting for long periods of time, stooping, lifting patients weighing, squatting, reaching, twisting, bending, pushing, pulling, dragging, climbing.

Motor Skills Gross and fine motor skills to practice safe and efficient patient care.

Nursing care management midterm examination

Sufficient manual dexterity to manipulate equipment in the patient care setting. Hearing Auditory ability sufficient to monitor and assess health needs.

Auscultation of breath sounds, heart sounds, blood pressure, bowel sounds, hearing alarms, call bells telephones in patient care, converse with patients, family and staff from varying distances with varying audible sounds.

Visual Visual ability sufficient for observation and assessment necessary to provide safe patient care. Tactile Tactile ability sufficient for physical assessment and to provide safe patient care.

Is able to effectively communicate in English. Interpersonal Interpersonal skills sufficient for interaction with patients, families and groups from diverse backgrounds cultural, emotional, intellectual in a variety of health care settings Conversing effectively with patients, families, and groups and in stressful patient care situations such as emergencies.

Critical Critical thinking sufficient for clinical decision-making Competent assessing a patient in a timely manner and correctly interpreting assessment. Can work in isolation independently for positive patient outcome.

Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing with additional skills in management, leadership, theory, and research to succeed and be promoted within the nursing profession Related Career Opportunities Primary Employers Graduates from the Nursing Associate Degree RN program work in hospitals, offices and clinics of medical doctors, nursing homes, schools, and home health care services.

Provide care to individual patients experiencing acute or chronic health problems. Nursing practice includes utilizing communication skills, acting as a health teacher, directing other health workers in selected aspects of care and providing direct patient care.

They advise patients, help in rehabilitation, promote good health, and prevent illnesses. Usually the work setting determines day to day job duties. Hospital Nurses Form the largest group of nurses.

Most are staff nurses who provide bedside nursing care and carry out the medical regimen prescribed by physicians. They may also supervise licensed practical nurses and aides.

Hospital nurses usually are assigned to one area such as surgery, maternity, pediatrics, emergency room, intensive care, or treatment of cancer patients or may rotate among departments.

Private Duty Nurses Care for patients needing constant attention. They work directly for families on a contract basis or for a nursing or temporary help agency which assigns them to patients.

Private duty nurses provide services in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Head Nurses or Nurse Supervisors Direct nursing activities. They plan work schedules and assign duties to nurses and aides, provide or arrange for training, and visit patients and observe nurses to insure that care is properly carried out.

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This exam has a pool of over questions so there is a very wide variety of questions and is the best possible way to study for the NCLEX Exam. This is a very good test for Nursing students and nurses getting back into Nursing, or wanting a refresher test.

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Free SAT prep from Saturday (Cont. Gladys U.5 implementation of appropriate nursing care management and the care of the patient during post partal period including the family members alike Explain the concepts and principles of nursing therapeutics for pregnant women who are at risk for complications throughout all the stages of birth by.

This is a very good test for Nursing students and nurses getting back into Nursing, or wanting a refresher test. If you are able to pass this test you will be able to pass the NCLEX test as these questions are taken directly from the exam over all topics.

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