Resortive justice to discipline students essay

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Resortive justice to discipline students essay

Classroom Ideas Restorative Justice: Disrespect for teachers has declined; the school is safer. Students are more focused on their studies and many have stopped cutting class.

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Teachers at the school say these positive results are due in large part to a radically different approach to discipline called restorative justice: Oakland first introduced the program in at its Cole Middle School. District leaders planned to close the school due to low test scores when it started a restorative justice pilot program.

The district took notice and init overhauled its system and made restorative justice the new model for handling disciplinary problems. In it hired a program manager and created a system to roll it out to all the schools in the district.

What Is Restorative Justice? Restorative justice is a revolutionary program based on respect, responsibility, relationship-building and relationship-repairing. It focuses on mediation and agreement rather than punishment.

Resortive justice to discipline students essay

It aims to keep kids in school and to create a safe environment where learning can flourish. And it appears to be working incredibly well. Restorative justice resolves disciplinary problems in a cooperative and constructive way. He sits down in a circle and works together with the teacher and the affected parties to work it out.

How did it happen?

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What can we do to make it right? And hopefully the relationship will be stronger. The first tier is all about community building as a preventive measure.

They have regular classroom circles in which the students sit in with a restorative justice coordinator or a peer facilitator and share their inner most feelings.

To seem weak in their world is a life-threatening thing so I was really impressed. And the final tier supports the reentry of students who have been out of school due to suspension, expulsion, truancy or incarceration. The goal is to set the kids up for success no matter what their past.

A System In Which Kids Help the Teacher Create a Respect Agreement Claassen was first introduced to the concept of restorative justice in when he was working in the juvenile justice system.

Eight years later, his wife Roxanne Classsen started teaching at Raisin City Elementary School in Fresno County and took the practices into her classroom. The teacher is no longer the big boss. They and their teacher create a classroom respect agreement and all agree to be held accountable.

The contract is an extremely effective way of maintaining harmony in the classroom. If the children help create the rules, then they have ownership.

And if they break them, they can be referred back to them. Ninety percent of the time, the student did, and the problem ended there. If further action was required, Claassen would work with the student to find a solution. And that message is very effective at building trust between teacher and student.Part 5: Sample Essays Had punitive discipline ruled the day, Tommy’s story would have gone unheard and his needs unmet.

Had he been suspended, students come into the restorative justice room and ask for a talking piece and circle. Youth and adults who walk into a circle feeling anger.

1. Restorative justice is, according to, an alternative approach to school discipline that emphasizes bringing together those who have caused and experienced harm and providing all parties with equal attention.

It is an approach based more on talking and listening than on . Restorative justice essay questions In this discussion paper from Restorative Justice to Transformative Justice the author talks about conflict in our society, our Justice System and the way in which.

Nov 15,  · Increasingly, the perspective of restorative rather than retributive justice has been infused into the philosophy of law enforcement today. "estorative justice is an idea that says, at its core, justice has to be about repairing or addressing the harm caused to social relationships when wrongdoing happens," ("Defining restorative justice.

Restorative Justice is often known as the term used to describe meetings in which people affected by crime talk about their experience, the damage and harm caused, in addition to discussing how the situation can be repaired, on a direct and personal level. Essay about Resortive Justice to Discipline Students - Introduction For a long time it was thought that there is only one way to discipline students.

But recently a new method has arisen and is becoming ever more popular.

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