Role of black church in working with black adolescents essay

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Role of black church in working with black adolescents essay

The Redemptive Role of the Black Church Abstract to be inserted when project is completed Table of Contents preliminary The black church holds a special place in African-American culture that differs from the role of the predominantly white churches.

Much of this is due to cultural traits that inspire closeness in African-American society. A shared history of struggle and a need to build meaningful communities amidst chaos had a profound affect on the formation of the black church that we know today.

The following will explore the role of the black church that goes beyond the tenets of Jesus Christ and redemption for our sins. It will explore the black church as a symbol of the redemption of the African-American people as a race and culture that is proud of its heritage.

Background In order to understand the role of the black church and its rise to become a symbol of the redemption of the African-American people, one must first gain an understanding of the roots of the black church and its rapid rise during the Civil War. The first black congregations were meeting before The religious revival sparked by the American Revolution had a significant impact on African-Americans, both free and slave.

The Revolutionary War changed the role of the church within the community. It was during this time that three primary institutions began to arise within the African community. The Church, School, and Fraternal Order of blacks began to emerge. However, these activities were not separate and the church became not only the center of spirituality and worship, it became the center of all community activities, including, social, cultural, economic and political ventures Jeffries, From this standpoint, it could be argued that the black church became one of the most important institutions in African-American life.

It became the mortar that held black society together.

Role of black church in working with black adolescents essay

It also becomes the institution that stands as a symbol of not only spiritual redemption, but of black social redemption as well. Exclusion and the Black Church The ideal of the church sprang from the white churches to which African-Americans were exposed and sometimes forced to attend in their early years in America.

Stripped of their mother religion, they took on the tenets of the new world in which they lived. The early black church only had one type of institution after which to model itself, the white church. Although it might appear that the early black church and the black church that exist today are a replica of the white church model, when one looks inside, they will see that the two entities are quite different.

The African church is much more of an embodiment of the soul of the community than the white church. Cultural and family ties are as much a part of the black church as the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The early church fulfilled the role of brining the community together and melding the three institutions that formed the core of early African-American society. The School was the center for the transmission of knowledge, instruction, training and the values of American society.

The home was considered to be the source for the transmission of African-American values Jeffries, Fraternal Brotherhood and Sisterhood Societies sprang up and became centers for leadership development and training.

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These fraternities were where the individual learns to become part of the community. They were instilled with the ideals of community accountability and the ideal of collective responsibility.

Blacks have systematically been kept from participation in the political, economic, and cultural institutions of mainstream American society Jeffries, This led to the development of two distinct American cultures: By the s, the black church was a well-established institution and the center of African-American life.

After the end of the Civil War, blacks continued to establish their own churches that were separate from white churches. Blacks were prevented from or discouraged from worshiping in white congregations.

These black churches became culturally distinct from their white counterparts. They merged African spiritual traditions and Christianity, creating their own creolized version that reflects black cultural values and attitudes.

The black church remains a legacy of the past, but also represents hope for the future. The African-American church remains a central source of African-American cultural values and social activities.

They have taken on many roles since their early formation. They serve as refuges for the indigent, provide food for the poor, establish schools, orphanages, and associated ministries.

Black churches still serve as the foundations of strong communities. Their dual role of providing spiritual and political leadership cannot be denied.

Conceptual Underpinnings for the Study The foundation of the black church as central to black culture forms the key conceptual underpinning for the study.đŸ”¥Citing and more!

Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. 1 Black Youth and Mass Media: Current Research and Emerging Questions S. Craig Watkins, Associate Professor of Sociology and Radio-Television-Film, The.

It is evident that the black church played a crucial role in the rich history of the United States of America. The influence that the black church has on the history of this country is highlighted in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

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