Triac paragraph

It sounds to me a lot like a charge pump circuit, in which case you'd be fine conducting anytime the piezo voltage is higher than the target cap, inductor, etc. If that works, you could simply use diodes. You'd want to double check the maximum voltage ratings of the diodes and compare that to your piezo output.

Triac paragraph

A pair of fast diodes D1,D2 is positioned on the line adjacent to the telephone equipment for momentarily clamping the voltage on the line at that point between ground and the voltage supply of the equipment. The momentary clamping of the voltage creates the voltage differential across the resistor R3 which triggers the triac.

The fast diodes D1,D2 are capable of passing current for a time sufficient to allow the triac THY1 to begin shunting current to ground. An enhanced form of the protection circuit includes a second pair of diodes D6,D7 extending in parallel with the fast pair of diodes D1,D2 and positioned on the line between the pair of fast diodes D1,D2 and the triac THY1.

Inclusion of the second pair of diodes D6,D7 allows the circuit to utilize a triac THY1 with a slower turn-on time and a higher on-state voltage. The lightning faults could be due to a direct or indirect strike to a telephone cable, or due to a ground potential rise GPR from a strike to a nearby grounding structure.

A GPR may cause a voltage surge in the telephone central office. The power-related faults are generally due to powerline crosses and phase imbalance causing excessive induced alternating currents.

A first level of overvoltage protection is usually provided at the point where outside cables enter a building; the voltage able to pass that first level of protection is generally specified not to be in excess of 1, volts peak-to-peak.

It is also desirable for the protection circuit to provide full protection to the SLIC under all common fault conditions, but not to interfere with the normal operation of the SLIC. The second type of overvoltage problem that can occur with an SLIC is a simultaneous surge to a group of line circuits.

During such surges the common ground return current can cause an excessive voltage drop on the battery rail. This overvoltage can exceed a hundred volts beyond the battery voltage on the line circuit, and can result in a failure of all of the ICs on the SLIC.

Many protection arrangements have been proposed.

Triac paragraph

For example, in U. Patent 4, a transorb is used to conduct positive currents to ground and to absorb the negative overvoltage energy in the zener mode. Such a device is acceptable for lightning pulses of short duration but not for power-related faults of longer duration, e.

Another disadvantage of the transorb is the dynamic clamping ratio of the device. As the transorb starts to break down and the surge current starts to increase, the clamping voltage of the transorb increases as a function of the surge current. As a result, the peak clamping voltage may be in the order of 30 per cent greater than the initial breakdown voltage of the transorb.

Such a momentary surge may not cause any instantaneous breakdown of ICs, but may nevertheless result in degradation. Another protection arrangement is described in I. Journal of Solid-State Circuits; Vol.

In the protection arrangement described in that article, each of the tip and ring lines of a subscriber loop is guarded by a silicon controlled rectifier SCR.Robert Krulwich talks about how narrative, or story telling, can help people to understand and accept science, and therefore create a better more open-minded community with the public.

Electrolux EDW Service Manual. [LD0] lights. ® Perform the procedure for selection of the programme / options as described in paragraph (). FOR ACTUATORS AND SENSORS COMPONENTS TYPE OF COMPONENT POWER AVAILABLE TYPE OF CONTROL Max W Wash pump Triac & relay Max W Drain pump Triac & relay Max W Washing heater Relay.

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1 Constant Current LED Drivers with Deep TRIAC/ELV Dimming (1 -­‐ %) and with Fast Startup Time EBR • Compatible with TRIAC (forward-phase or leading-edge) / stated in paragraph 1 (Input Specification) shall not cause damage to the driver.

Short Circuit The EVB series is protected against short-circuit such that a short from any output to return shall not result in a fire hazard or shock hazard. The driver shall hiccup as a result of.

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