Using the data in the tables

When visualised, this data will show multi-generational relationships. Tables with no foreign keys will exist in this data-set with blank values in the [From Table] column.

Using the data in the tables

Add "EmployeeID", typeof int ; dtEmployee. Add "EmployeeName", typeof string ; dtEmployee.

Using the data in the tables

Add "FatherName", typeof string ; dtEmployee. Add "Address", typeof string ; dtEmployee. Using Data Relation 2. Using Linq Using Data Relation: I got first approach by making data relation between two data tables. One thing we need to keep in mind that we have to use loop for getting records.

Please go through below example which describes data relation between two data tables. Add dtDepartment ; ds. But performance depends upon no. So, I got a good option to retrieve records from two data tables without using loop which is Linq.

Add "EmployeeID", typeof int ; dt. Add "Name", typeof string ; dt. Add "FatherName", typeof string ; dt. AsEnumerable join dataRows2 in dtDepartment. Field "DeptID" equals dataRows2. Field "DeptID" select dt. Field "EmployeeID"dataRows1.

Field "EmployeeName"dataRows1. Field "FatherName"dataRows1. Field "Address"dataRows2. I have predefined datatable structure where I will keep output records selected records.

You may know that when I will write Select new query var object will assign the type of result as anonymous type.

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I have used dt. The LoadDataRow method takes an array of values and finds the matching value s in the primary key column s. If a column has a default value, pass a null value in the array to set the default value for that column.

Similarly, if a column has its AutoIncrement property set to true, pass a null value in the array to set the automatically generated value for the row.In this DDL statement, you are declaring each of the fields in the JSON dataset along with its Presto data are using Hive collection data types like Array and Struct to set up groups of objects..

Walkthrough: Nested JSON.

Using the data in the tables

Defining the mail key is interesting because the JSON inside is nested three levels deep. In the example, you are creating a top-level struct called mail which has.

I have a test environment for a database that I want to reload with new data at the start of a testing cycle. I am not interested in rebuilding the entire database- just simply "re-setting" the data.

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Join Dennis Taylor for an in-depth discussion in this video Creating and using tables, part of Excel Essential Training. Sep 13,  · Introduction: I have How to join two data tables in C# without using loop? I have two data tables named Employee and Department. First Table: Employee Columns: EmployeeID, EmployeeName, FatherName, Address, DeptID Second Table: Department Columns: DeptID, DeptName I want to retrieve records from two tables and want to show the.

These tutorials step you through using Fusion Tables’ features to accomplish neat things with your data. See what others have done in the Example Gallery.

Basic tutorials Get started using Fusion. Manage Retention of Historical Data in System-Versioned Temporal Tables. 05/18/; 22 minutes to read Contributors.

all; In this article APPLIES TO: SQL Server (starting with ) Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Data Warehouse Parallel Data Warehouse With system-versioned temporal tables, the history table may increase database size more than regular tables, particularly under the following.

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